Wednesday, 22 January 2014

yawn cools the brain

Əsnəmənin the brain that cause a person to feel numb himself was known sərinləsdirdiyi. Princeton University, who conducted the study, practice, images are shown of əsnəyən. Consequently, the researchers observed əsnəyənləri, əsnəmənin retained control over the temperature of the brain and the brain revealed sərinləsdirdiyini

Memory-strengthening gene in mice results

Scientists have found a gene that gives mice super memory. According to Turkish media, researchers in human and mouse brain bənzəməsindən benefited from each other.

 In addition to benefiting from the experts alzaymer this gene as a disease that can be prevented. Due to this, people can create a great memory, it may be possible to develop drugs that are. Tests conducted during the creation of the PKR gene were blocked alzaymer.

 U.S. practice Baylor University researchers said they observed no signs of memory used as a super mice. , if you repeat the same success on the people

, not just the disease, irreversible damage to the brain, as well as People will never forget anything

Too much red meat during pregnancy is harmful to the adoption of

Too much red meat during pregnancy can lead to infertility in male children born to make. Turkish specialist on Autonomous Berksoy said. 

According to Turkish media, the quality of the meat is affected by the baby's semen, a small amount of carbohydrate, the excess weight, which increases the risk of diabetes. become a candidate for Home of the important changes in the DNA opens the way for women in the nutrition of infants.

 Thus, during this period, which is very sensitive to heavy metals, chemical toxins in children's exposure to high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, such as mental deficiency can lead to problems.

As a long-term sustainable growth of healthy nutrition for women of future generations should be given more support. specialist advice to those who want to have children. According to him, the first time such people, vitamin D, iodine, omega 3, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin A and iron deficiencies must be taken to eliminate.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Foods that eliminate hunger?

200 gr. and filtered through finely chop pineapple. Into 100 g. Add yoghurt and fresh mint. Enzymes in pineapple, to accelerate protein digestion is very nutritious. fish fish Iodine, thyroid function, eliminating the feeling of hunger to accelerate. , Rose Cabbage Rose kələmini gently boil, add the yogurt. The mixture is rich in fiber will keep you full for a long time. red apple red apple, cut a thin slice in half teaspoon of honey 1 teaspoon chopped walnuts and mix. 

The mixture will be nutritious as well as the composition of the fibers, but also enhance the work of the intestines. Dried Apricots who eat dried apricots. Dried plum prevents blood sugar to fall. But do not eat too much. There are 8 calories because of a dried apricot. parsley 1 bunch parsley in blender and mix with water. Add a few drops of hot pepper sauce.

This is a drink that facilitates the distribution of fat in vitamin C and herbal ingredients. Cucumber with peel thin slices of cucumber, wash and cut the fennel seed abundance.

 These vegetables are very low in calories and keeps pretty tough. eggs a week, eat at least two eggs. Because the eggs are plenty of tryptophan. cheese - Olive Oil Garnish with cheese and black olives Slice finely. Pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar. This hunger for a few hours to eliminate

How gum helps students?

Even a little physical activity helps to achieve better results in exams and tests.
According to scientists, it is necessary to supply the gum during exams.

The investigations have shown that chewing gum for 5 minutes before the exam questions with students ceynəyən comes more easily. "

Scientist" magazine says that U.S. President Oniper professor at the University of the Holy Laurentius ceynəyənlərin gum during the exam said that the scattered attention.

"In any case, the students tested and advise ceynəməyi gum before exams.

 Otherwise, they show better results ", - said Oniper.

In many countries, including Azerbaijan, "Rozeqlikazon" and "sibutramine" banned the sale of drugs.
Analytic Examination Center of the Ministry of Health said.

Both drugs are associated with the elimination of the negative effects on their body. already these drugs, Health Minister Health Minister ordered to stop the use and sale kiosks throughout the country.

center, said that at present none of these drugs are sold. "Rozeqlikazon" against diabetes, "Sibutramine" of medications intended for losing weight.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Mobile phone when you put it aside?

According to ABC News, New York's Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute are the results of the survey. lighting behind the screens of mobile phones and tablet computers that are used in the production of melatonin, a negative impact on the human body, sleep restriction. 

Melatonin is the body's natural daily sleep mode control and in the evening gives the order to prepare for. qacetlərin screens, but as a result of short-wave light, the production of melatonin weak, even stops. Consequently, in addition to receiving a permanent state of sleep disorders, 

obesity and Type II diabetes can begin. shorter wave In light of the long-term effects of chronic sleep disorders can cause breast cancer.

The patient's eye was 10 cm worm

Surgically removed from the eyes of an elderly woman found alive.
Tarsus district of Mersin Province of Turkey through the eyes of resident physicians, 10 cm long, 60-year-old woman from parasites

. Reportedly, a woman suffering from pain in the left eye for some time to consult a doctor. eye doctor who examined ipvari moving here found a body.

 Parasitic worm in the eye doctor and it was determined that his colleagues. should be noted that the old woman was found alive in the eyes surgically removed. extracted worm parasitology section of the hospital sent for review.

vegetables found to help prevent stroke

Finland is associated with cardiovascular disease in men over 31 thousand people under investigation.

"Hurriyet" newspaper, according to the research on men 42-61 years of age and living in the city of Kuopio, starting from the beginning of the 1990s.

study analyzes the blood of men who participated in the study started and 7 years later withdrawn, was compared. These individuals followed for 12 years.
 was found that the risk of stroke in men with high levels of lycopene in their blood is less than 55 percent. Lycopene is the most tomatoes. watermelon, and mango qreyfurt also rich in lycopene. / 

Passion increase the plants

Ah, medicinal plants, as a result of stress can reach sexual reluctance to rescue residents. Experts say the important role of psychological factors in the emergence of these problems. stress due to the reluctance of sex herbs can help the living. Reference to external sites, we offer you the ambition to increase the plants. watermelon , according to a study carried out with the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the content of citrulline, watermelon provides, thanks to the expansion of blood vessels in the body relax and "natural Viagra" is considered. herbal teas:

 the body fluid flow to accelerate plant drink rivers of blood circulation, increases the passion. Raises the energy level of herbal teas to revive sex life. lavender: Salad dressings and cooking spilled a few drops of lavender invigorate sex life.
 Carnation them: one of cloves, one of the natural afrodizyakların the guclulərindən fatigue is even better. poppy seeds improves sexual performance. ginger: hundreds of years, designed to bring feelings into action is more passionate people drink ginger mixture is used (blood, watering should be wary of those who use drugs. intestine concern is no longer used). Can be used as a spice in cooking. Mixed with honey and eaten. Is the term used for a week or 10 days. cinnamon: opens the appetite, soothing the nerves of a smell. Gas in the stomach and intestines leads, has antiseptic properties.

 Can also be used as an aphrodisiac. Winter is added to drinking herbal teas. Scent of Cinnamon oil to be used as an indirect massage oil. Mustard: Improves the function of sex glands in the body. Condition: Likorləri ətirləndirən beautiful fragrant lilac blossoms a powerful catalyst. royal jelly , a mixture of honey and pollen cells and refreshes, but it passed the age at sexual power amount. iris: iris root powder, the powerful aphrodisiac for both sexes. red and green hot pepper , pepper increases sexual desire. garlic reduces the activity of all the hormones. It is recommended that the ingestion of raw. Miyan root: Miya from the root powder mixed with carbonated water for women is becoming a very effective aphrodisiac.

 vanillin: Central nervous system affecting the brain awakens to the smell. Parsley: Parsley adds flavor to food flavor train sex life . Thyme: Thyme is particularly strong effects in men, which has a positive impact. Uzerlik seeds increases the sexual power, facilitates pregnancy. Crushed seeds 1-2 grams per day mixed with honey or eaten directly from the water drinkable

Healthy, beautiful and meaningful life for the 10 recommended

Healthy, beautiful and meaningful life are important: 1 First əvəll to determine the intervals of deep breathing to relax by.

 2 Reaching out to somewhere in the region of muscles from the feet up bosaltmaqla
 3 Properly feeding
 4 If there are serious problems in your life or səhəttinizdə, in this case, to find and eliminate the causes of the problem situation
. 5 It is important to respect the personal beliefs and values.
 6 Emotion and feelings of people who are not able to understand you, always and everywhere, do not you feel already
. (1 kifayətlənsəz notice how many times the upshot would be better)
7 Time to time properly planned and managed properly, can be prepared in works according to plan
. 8 Always focusing on social support. 

9 Contact us to set up and so on. Stepping out of life. 10th Professional support to pre-emptive

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Milk heart benefits

America's "Washington State" University scientists announced the benefits of natural milk from the heart. The fatty acid composition of milk onləyirmis cardiovascular diseases.

 In addition, if the lactic acid bacteria in the human body, S, B1, B2, B12, D, vitamins and even produce natural antibiotics that they are disease-causing microbes (including bacteria causing gastro-intestinal diseases, and tuberculosis) or destroy them to stop the development of 's.

 The calcium content of the milk of human heart muscle, eyes, has a positive effect on the nervous system.
university professor, according to the interpretation of BENBROOK: milk, is useful for all people. However, the organic milk is better. Restore a healthy balance to the body and has a better effect.

Fatty acid, organic milk, which has a more balanced ratio of Omega 3 and more than 25 percent of normal, 6 were found to be in possession.

stimulates the secretion of gastric juice as well as milk products, activities and items of the intestines exchange improves very quickly and easily assimilated by the body.

Dairy products contain large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which is essential for the organism's microelements, which is a part of a person's teeth and bones.

Dietary Recommendations for Cellulite by Joey Atlas Review

Tips that you will find below cellulite diet or rather diet (many of us take the word "diet" as a serious limitation, which borders hardly not starvation) is a reasonable way to start the fight against cellulite. It is, of course, can not be solely your arms, but in combination with other methods, can lead to great results. Anti-cellulite diet focuses on certain foods that are recommended to be consumed in large quantities because of their good effect on cellulite. Fruits and vegetables, for example, are one of the major products included in this arrangement.

Types of Cellulite and advice on nutrition, Depending on which factor causes the formation, kinds Cellulite divided into three groups:
Cellulite due to excessive fluid retention is obtained mostly in the thighs and hips and is usually the one who noticed first. Limit salt, dairy products (rather milk casein), and any food they have a food intolerance. Use supplements such as vitamin E, C, K and R.

Cellulite due to the presence of excessive fat usually locates in the thighs, buttocks and hips in people who have never dealt with sports and had often vary in weight. To counter this type of cellulite is necessary to reduce the daily intake of calories accumulate as fat - try to eat healthy and avoid foods like butter. Include in your diet is more, fruits and vegetables. 

Diets with predominant protein products have a positive impact on this type of cellulite, but it must be done for a long time. Your main meal should be fish, chicken, lean meat, lean red meat (rare), eggs, a little low-fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce intake of white flour, sweets and saturated fats.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Hearing the problem to the attention of those!

According to the number of people suffering from a hearing problem, as it is less extreme.
less developed countries than in other countries, the report said.

Lost all ability of hearing, partial hearing loss in people living in the EAS (Electric Acoustic Stimullasdırılma) method, significantly improving the quality of life and prevent hearing loss.

 Report signs of hearing loss in the speech to be repeated regularly to ask two people to speak more and more people take the trouble to follow up, turn up the TV or radio voice of the end of the hearing-damaging drugs to get to. applies.

frequent ear infections in young children if left untreated, can progress to deafness.
's time in the minor infections can lead to more serious problems in the future. 

In developed countries, children less than 4 years old bilaterally, it is proposed that the introduction of double-sided implant. Prevent damage to the nerve tissue, is said to be the most important applications of cochlear implant applications.

violator of human body fat

The 23-year-old cyclist Tom Stanifordun BBC does body fat. He accumulated fat under the skin.
Consequently, the process is said to be a rare disease

. According to the report, Tom was born a normal weight, but during childhood face, arms and legs began to melt fat. Tom, who could not make a diagnosis of the disease, until a short time ago. 

Scientists studying the disease, revealing that the DNA of Tom gene mutation detected that you tried to do.

Doctors Thomas MDP only eight people in the world, which is called the syndrome diagnosed a disease.
these terms of health problems and suffered from diabetes mellitus.

, Tom at the university, where he studied law and French as well as participating in a bicycle race.
reported that his bicycle on the British champion.

Carries heavy smokers operations

According to a more severe form of surgery are smokers. This is most evident after the surgery.
because smokers before surgery, after surgery itself feels worse than those who do not use tobacco, faces a difficult and risky complications. 

proves the results of a study conducted by researchers at the University of California. Since 1950, about the effects of their smoking status of the patients after surgery according to the information collected. The data analysis showed that complications are more common in people who use tobacco.

In addition, most of the time they are in the process of large-scale qankocurulmə. Than non-smokers, the risk of death during surgery is said to be a brain tumor. Not so much a threat to the spinal cord, and the dire consequences for those operations can be restored.

neurosurgeons results of operations of this kind, which allows you to determine the cause of the unfortunate results.