Monday, 13 January 2014

Hearing the problem to the attention of those!

According to the number of people suffering from a hearing problem, as it is less extreme.
less developed countries than in other countries, the report said.

Lost all ability of hearing, partial hearing loss in people living in the EAS (Electric Acoustic Stimullasdırılma) method, significantly improving the quality of life and prevent hearing loss.

 Report signs of hearing loss in the speech to be repeated regularly to ask two people to speak more and more people take the trouble to follow up, turn up the TV or radio voice of the end of the hearing-damaging drugs to get to. applies.

frequent ear infections in young children if left untreated, can progress to deafness.
's time in the minor infections can lead to more serious problems in the future. 

In developed countries, children less than 4 years old bilaterally, it is proposed that the introduction of double-sided implant. Prevent damage to the nerve tissue, is said to be the most important applications of cochlear implant applications.

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