Friday, 17 January 2014

Passion increase the plants

Ah, medicinal plants, as a result of stress can reach sexual reluctance to rescue residents. Experts say the important role of psychological factors in the emergence of these problems. stress due to the reluctance of sex herbs can help the living. Reference to external sites, we offer you the ambition to increase the plants. watermelon , according to a study carried out with the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the content of citrulline, watermelon provides, thanks to the expansion of blood vessels in the body relax and "natural Viagra" is considered. herbal teas:

 the body fluid flow to accelerate plant drink rivers of blood circulation, increases the passion. Raises the energy level of herbal teas to revive sex life. lavender: Salad dressings and cooking spilled a few drops of lavender invigorate sex life.
 Carnation them: one of cloves, one of the natural afrodizyakların the guclulərindən fatigue is even better. poppy seeds improves sexual performance. ginger: hundreds of years, designed to bring feelings into action is more passionate people drink ginger mixture is used (blood, watering should be wary of those who use drugs. intestine concern is no longer used). Can be used as a spice in cooking. Mixed with honey and eaten. Is the term used for a week or 10 days. cinnamon: opens the appetite, soothing the nerves of a smell. Gas in the stomach and intestines leads, has antiseptic properties.

 Can also be used as an aphrodisiac. Winter is added to drinking herbal teas. Scent of Cinnamon oil to be used as an indirect massage oil. Mustard: Improves the function of sex glands in the body. Condition: Likorləri ətirləndirən beautiful fragrant lilac blossoms a powerful catalyst. royal jelly , a mixture of honey and pollen cells and refreshes, but it passed the age at sexual power amount. iris: iris root powder, the powerful aphrodisiac for both sexes. red and green hot pepper , pepper increases sexual desire. garlic reduces the activity of all the hormones. It is recommended that the ingestion of raw. Miyan root: Miya from the root powder mixed with carbonated water for women is becoming a very effective aphrodisiac.

 vanillin: Central nervous system affecting the brain awakens to the smell. Parsley: Parsley adds flavor to food flavor train sex life . Thyme: Thyme is particularly strong effects in men, which has a positive impact. Uzerlik seeds increases the sexual power, facilitates pregnancy. Crushed seeds 1-2 grams per day mixed with honey or eaten directly from the water drinkable

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