Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How gum helps students?

Even a little physical activity helps to achieve better results in exams and tests.
According to scientists, it is necessary to supply the gum during exams.

The investigations have shown that chewing gum for 5 minutes before the exam questions with students ceynəyən comes more easily. "

Scientist" magazine says that U.S. President Oniper professor at the University of the Holy Laurentius ceynəyənlərin gum during the exam said that the scattered attention.

"In any case, the students tested and advise ceynəməyi gum before exams.

 Otherwise, they show better results ", - said Oniper.

In many countries, including Azerbaijan, "Rozeqlikazon" and "sibutramine" banned the sale of drugs.
Analytic Examination Center of the Ministry of Health said.

Both drugs are associated with the elimination of the negative effects on their body. already these drugs, Health Minister Health Minister ordered to stop the use and sale kiosks throughout the country.

center, said that at present none of these drugs are sold. "Rozeqlikazon" against diabetes, "Sibutramine" of medications intended for losing weight.

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